Casting Hemlock: Who Would Play Mac?

Over the past month 10 bloggers had the chance to read Hemlock and chat with author Kathleen Peacock for the Hemlock Blog Tour, hosted by The Savvy Reader.

It was so awesome to see 10 different perspectives on one book, and hear what 10 people, all avid YA readers, thought of Kathleen’s debut novel.

What I really wanted to know was: who did they picture as the main character, Mac?

Casting Hemlock:
10 Bloggers Weigh In on Who They’d Pick to Play Mac

1. Colleen at Lavender Lines:
Mae Whitman, no questions asked. I LOVE Hemlock and I ADORE Mae, so seeing the two of them together would be AMAZING. And she has the acting chops to pull it off.”

Image from

2. Angel at Mermaid Vision Books:
Skyler Samuels! I loved her in The Nine Lives of Chloe King, and she would definitely make a great heroine.”

Image © ABC Family

3. Danielle at Bookish Notions:
“I think I would cast Emily Browning (SuckerPunch, A Series of Unfortunate Events) in the role.”

Image from

4. Claire at YA Bookie Monster:
“I definitely think that I would cast AnnaSophia Robb!”

5. Hayley at The Fable Faerie:
“I chose Annasophia Robb

Image from

6. Chloe at YA Book Lover Blog:
Anna Popplewell. She played Susan in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe!

Image from Anna Popplewell on Facebook

7. Cait at Escape Through the Pages:
“I have no idea! I am so bad at imagining who I’d want to play a character in a movie. Um, I would have to say AnnaSophia Robb.”

8. Evie at Evie Bookish:
“I would definitely see Emma Stone as Mac – pale, blond, with brown (well, photoshopped) eyes, I think she would be perfect for the role! Mac was a strong character. Bright, stubborn, compassionate and a little bit sassy – I think Emma Stone would be able to embrace the role and bring her character to life.”

9. Lindsay at Me on Books:
“As for the casting of Mac, I think Kathleen’s Twitter suggestion of Carey Mulligan (from her Doctor Who appearance) inspired me to think of an actress from the UK. Her name is Freya Mavor, she’s on the UK version of Skins.”

10. Giselle at Xpresso Reads:
“I also found who I would cast as Mac in a movie: Emma Roberts. I attached 2 pictures [see below]. One she’s more dirty-blond like Mac is and she really looks like I had pictured. Picture 2 where she’s a darker brunette I like how her face is more “don’t mess with me” like Mac can get sometimes when she gets determined or wants her.”

What do you think? Who would you pick to play Mac?

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2 thoughts on “Casting Hemlock: Who Would Play Mac?

  1. I can totally see Mae pulling of Mac’s attitude!  And I could see Anna Sophia Robb doing a great job too!

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