Read The Hobbit Summer Challenge

If you’re not aware of Peter Jackson’s epic film adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit, then you must be living under a rock (or perhaps in a Hobbit hole)! Audiences around the world embraced his three-film masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings, and are all set be transfixed by The Hobbit this December.

When discussing The Hobbit, people often refer to it as the most influential work of children’s literature or even the best book of all time. And while I’m a kid’s lit person through and through I have to admit. . .

I haven’t read it.

It turns out neither have a number of my HarperCollinsCanada colleagues, so we’ve decided to create an online book club and we want you to join us! Throughout the month of August, watch The Savvy Reader for updates and thoughts as we make our way through this classic book.

We’ll be posting our reading schedule so you can follow along. Join the conversation by commenting on posts or tweeting your thoughts as you read The Hobbit to @SavvyReader using the hashtag #Readthehobbit. Each time you participate you will be eligible to win some great Hobbit-related prizes.


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11 thoughts on “Read The Hobbit Summer Challenge

  1. Technically I`ll be rereading The Hobbit but since I first read it almost 12 years ago it pretty much will be like reading it for the first time. 

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