Top 10 Places for Summer Reading

Summer is the best way to catch up on all your reading or just simply do a lot more of it. But where might you be able to enjoy the books you love or the new loves you’re discovering? Here’s a list of the top 10 places for summer reading:

1. Bus/Subway

You got places to be, but why not enjoy a good book while you wait to get from point A to point B?

2. Porch/Patio

Summer is the time to appreciate the gorgeous weather. Grab a chair and put your feet up on your porch or patio.

3. Poolside

Get comfy in a beach chair near the sparking waters of the pool.

4. Airplane

Summer is the best time to go on a vacation. Some of us will be taking airplanes to reach our destinations, so why not pass the time with a book? To get you in the mood for summer traveling, check out my article on some of the places I’ve been.

5. Café

Have you been cooped up in your living room or bedroom? Do you need a change of reading scenery? Visit a café and order a cool, refreshing drink to survive the warm summer days.

6. Park

Sit in the grass, on a bench, or under the shade of a tree. You can listen to the birds and the rustle of leaves as a breeze goes by.

7. The Beach

Grab your bathing suit and towel, and go to the beach! When you’re not catching the waves or collecting sea shells, take a break and open a book. It’ll probably help with that tan too!

8. On the Dock

With the perfect weather here, some of us are headed straight for the cottage for some much deserved relaxing. A nice little spot to read is on the dock if you have a lake right outside your door or if you go visit the ocean.

9. Boat

Whether you’re going on a cruise ship for vacation, renting a sailboat or a simple, old row boat, cruise on the water, take in the scenery, and keep calm while flipping through one of your favourite books.

10. Bookstore

Stores usually have air conditioning. Cool off while you browse for a new book and take some time to do some reading too.

So tell me, what is your favourite summer spot to read a book?
Leave a comment below or give me a shout on Twitter.

Enjoy the sunshine and happy reading!

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