Bookmarks: September 27th

Fall is underway, and fortunately, so is fall television. But this week’s Bookmarks are here to remind you that there are still books to be read, despite all of the great TV show to watch. Sometimes, your favourite books are about your favourite TV shows. And that, my friend, is synchronicity.

1. Emmy-winning drama Homeland is back on the 29th, and Claire Danes is going to bring it! We hope that the season will reveal more about Carrie’s future, but in the meantime we’re reading about her past in Homeland: Carrie’s Run. This prequel sends you back to 2006 where Carrie has just barely escaped an ambush in Beirut and made an alliance with a deadly man.

2. Sink your fangs into Thornhill, the sequel to Hemlock, by Kathleen Peacock while you wait for The Vampire Diaries to return on October 10th and The Originals to begin on October 3rd! Things get messy in Thornhill as Mac struggles to keep her only friend safe, even if he doesn’t want to be saved. Sounds kind of like Klaus, Stefan, Damon, Elena… pretty much every character on TVD!

3. Breaking Bad. This upcoming Sunday is the most anticipated and dreaded day of our lives. Like us, you may feel lost. You may feel like you have a TV hangover. We’ve got your back.

Let’s forget all the pain and loss and go back to the beginning. Jess Walter‘s The Financial Lives of the Poets will make you feel nostalgic and tender, it will soothe your wounds after the finale is over. Jess Walter tells the story of Matt Prior, a man whose perfect life is crumbling all around him. He’s losing his his job, his wife, his house, and his mind. What would you do in this situation? Matt does the only reasonable thing he can. He runs into some stoners at a 7-Eleven and hatches a plan.

4. Let’s end things on a happy note. If you aren’t watching The New Girl, this is what you are missing out on:

Convinced? Need more? Get comfortable, because Schmidt is going to tell you all about the days before there was a New Girl. The days when there was The Douchebag Jar. The Douche Journals is an ethnographic exploration of The Douchebag Jar’s first years of existence. We invite fans and scholars alike to experience an inside look into this fully illustrated compendium of douchery.

5. Finally, here’s one more way television, movies and books all come together perfectly: Celebrities Reading Books. Because what is more swoon-worthy than Ryan Gosling reading?

(Nothing.) See our Famous Savvy Readers Pinterest board here

TGIF, Savvy Readers! Have a flawless weekend!

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