Our Fave YA BFFs

One of the many reasons we love Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor is its focus on friendship. If you ask us, there really are not enough YA books that focus on the relationship between friends. So, we’ve put together a short list of our fave fictional BFFs and pray to the YA gods that soon there will be many more to add!

1. Rose and Lissa, Vampire Academy

Rose will sacrifice everything to protect BFF Lissa from those who wish to harm her, making her the truest of friends.

2. Tris and Christina, Allegiant

Tris and Christina first bond as Dauntless initiates and by the time we get to Allegiant, the last in the series, they are pillars of support for each other.

3. Olivia and Zoe, Maybe One Day

Zoe and Olivia have been best friends for as long as either can remember. When Olivia gets sick (really sick), their plans for the future evaporate. Now Zoe needs to put on a brave face and be positive for Olivia. Reading about the bond between these two will make you want to call your own BFF asap and give him/her a huge hug.

4. Juliette and Kenji, Ignite Me

Confession: the progression of this friendship in the first two books was so perfect that I was more excited to read their scenes than find out who Juliette ends up with.

5. Hermione and Ron, Harry Potter series

Obviously. Harry may be the Chosen One, but Ron and Hermione’s friendship and support helped him save the entire wizarding world.

6. Anne and Diana, Anne of Green Gables

Diana and Anne become best friends immediately after they meet, swearing devotion to each other and promising to be “bosom friends” forever. This is one of the best friendships in Canadian kids lit.

Who are your favourite YA BFFs? Let us know at @HCCFrenzy!

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