Perfect Pairings: Books and Snacks


Books and snacks. Snacks and books. Has any pairing ever sounded more perfect? These are also two words that could be used to describe my life, most book clubs, and bookstagram. *Swoons*. So being fans of all these glorious things here at the Savvy Reader, we thought it’d be fun to pair up some books with snacks! And rest assured, snacks were consumed during the writing of this post. We’re all about authenticity. True story: last night I held the book I was reading with my foot so I could nom on some cookies. Skills!

Here are some pairings that are going to make your mouth water!


Hidden Figures and Popcorn

Seeing as Hidden Figures will not only be coming to your bookshelf this fall, but also the movie theatres, popcorn sure makes a lot of sense. Read the book about the untold story of the black women mathematicians who helped win the space race before the movie and enjoy popcorn TWICE. What a plan!

On Bowie and Astronaut Ice Cream

Celebrate the glorious man from space with some spacey ice cream from a bag while you read about the amazing, creative legacy he left behind from the author of Love is a Mixtape. You’ll wish that your tears could float off your face, but you’re just going to have to let them fall, and what’s the best wallowing snack? Ice cream.

Doctor Who: The Vault and Jammie Dodgers

Besides this book being a treasure trove for true Whovians, the experience would be even more fun when paired with the show staple that is jammie dodgers, don’t you think? Make it even more fun by bringing them to a Doctor Who-themed party with all your pals. Know what’s extra cool? You can find soo many cool Who-related snacks in our new Doctor Who Cookbook! You’re welcome.

The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street and Jaffa Cakes

If you haven’t read 84, Charing Cross Road yet, please immediately set it up high on your TBR. It’s essential reading for any bookworm – the book is made up of real letters between an American writer Helene Hanff and a British bookseller Frank Doel for over 20 years. It will make you laugh and cry, and you’ll zoom through it within an hour or two. The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street is the sequel! Without giving much away, I’ll say that it’s Helene’s account of when she goes to visit in England many years later. So to really feel like a North American in England, the classic treat of jaffa cakes with some tea will help you fit right in.

Welcome to Night Vale and a PB&J sandwich

“Looking for a snack? Try wheat, or a wheat by-product. Dinner? Wheat and/or its by-product. Trying to patch a leaky roof? We have just the thing for you, and we also have its by-products.” Settle in with the perfect midnight snack of a PB&J sandwich in bed while reading this hilarious book on the popular podcast under the beam of a flashlight! You’ll probably need some coffee, too, because hey, we just released not one but two new Night Vale books!

Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit and Grilled Peaches

Ok, not a tough decision, but a) this gorgeous cover really does give you a hankering for some sweet fruit and b) when reading about a cute romance between two nice gals in Georgia, it’d be comforting to have a juicy peach or nectarine that’s still summer fresh to really sweeten the read. Grill them for even more tastiness!

The Cat King of Havana and Chips and Salsa

This new YA novel includes some salsa dancing, Havana and a guy who gets dumped for spending too much time uploading cat videos to YouTube rather than experiencing life. While that sounds amazing, as soon as I see the world salsa, I’m a goner. Also, chips and salsa is a great snack that could endlessly keep you sustained while reading!

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda and Oreos

This is an obvious one, because you can’t read much about Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda without reading about oreos, because Simon has a bit of an obsession. And while snacking and reading is fun, it’s even more fun snacking on what the characters are snacking on, too. Be careful, they’re veeeeery easy to binge on!

Family Tree and Pancakes

Imagine living on a maple syrup farm. Think of all the waffles and pancakes! I guess after a while you’d probably get sick of them but for now, we can dream. Making some pancakes and cuddling up with a homey good book sounds real good right about now. I just need fall to actually happen.

What do you love to nom on while reading? Tell us on Twitter @SavvyReader or in the comments below!


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