#SavvyReadathon Badges!

So, you might be anxious to hear about the badges that you can earn today during the Savvy Readathon! (I don’t blame you). Here they are, readers…

*Note that you must be signed up for the Savvy Readathon in order to earn any of the below badges.

*Note that you MUST include #SavvyReadathon in all of your tweets so that we can track your reading, and make sure you get rewarded with the right badges!


The Savvy Readathon Participation Badge! To earn this badge, just sign up for the Savvy Readathon here and read all day with us!



Read 3+ Books Savvy Readathon Badge! How many books do you think you can read in just 12 hours? Well, if you read three or more today, you’ll earn this pretty purple badge!



Read an eBook Savvy Readathon Badge! Change it up by reading an eBook at some point today to earn this savvy badge. Make sure to use #SavvyReadathon and tell us that you’ve read an #ebook so we can make sure you get this badge!

More details on all of these badges can be found here.

Badges will be awarded by Tuesday, May 16th. If you do not receive a badge that you are eligible for, please send us a message!

Happy reading, Savvy Readers!



3 thoughts on “#SavvyReadathon Badges!

  1. Gak!!’ I was out doing errands so will try to get at least one read today. So late starting. Sorry, y’all!

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