Book Blogging Tips

Hello Savvy Readers!

So, you want to get into book blogging? Being a book blogger can be lots (and lots!) of fun, but it can also be lots of work. If you’re organized and an avid reader, then there’s nothing to stress about! To help you start off, we have a few quick tips on book blogging.

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Pick Your Name


Your book blogging name should be something that represents you, but is still interesting and original. If you are not sure, then you can always use your name in a clever way (e.g. Billy Reads Books, Larry Loves the Library, Nick’s Book Nook, etc.). Just have fun with it!  You can also get inspired from your favourite books (e.g. Fellowship of the Reads, Ravenclaw Rules, etc.). You should love your book blogging name and allow it to set the tone for your posts.

Create Your Social Media Accounts


Once you have picked your super awesome name, create all your social media accounts. And by all we mean whatever networks you want to use to help promote your posts! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest—there are so. many. options. Of course you should use the same name on all of them! This makes it easier for people to find you and follow you. Before you actually create the accounts though, think it out—how many days will you be posting on each? What do you want to post: reviews, book pictures, recommendations, thrift store finds, current reads, etc.? Make sure to maintain your accounts and that you have time to keep up on everything you create. The more consistently you post the more followers you are sure to attract. 

Create Interesting and Relevant Content


First and foremost, be passionate! Creating content that you are excited about and enjoy creating will show. People are drawn to passion and excitement so love what you create, whether it’s a picture you took or a post you wrote, and make it fun and engaging. Ask questions to try and get a conversation going. Don’t worry about getting the best camera or writing perfect 1000 word reviews, if you are making interesting and relevant content consistently people will notice. (But do double check for spelling errors!). 

Use Hashtags!


A great way to boost your following is to use hashtags on all those social media accounts we were just talking about. Most bookstagrammers suggest not hashtagging in your actual post (or not excessively tagging there) but instead putting all your hashtags in a comment. That way the hashtags won’t interfere with your content. Hashtags are important because they help get your work out there. Don’t forget to tag the authors, other book bloggers, and relevant companies within your posts, too!

 Get Involved in the Book Community


Talk to your followers in the comments, on Twitter, or on another social network. Comment on other book blogger’s posts, too. It’s so important to get involved and get yourself out there in order to make your blog more personable. Talk about books with other book lovers. Attend events. The opportunities are endless! And the book blogging community is welcoming, artistic, and just great to be around.  

Do you have any book blogging tips for beginners? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments down below or on Twitter @SavvyReader! 


Have fun book blogging!


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