Our Favourite 2017 Children’s Books

Another year has flown by, and the holidays are just around the corner! Children’s books make great gifts, or gift add-ons! We compiled our favourite 2017 children’s books to help take the guesswork out of picking for that little kid in your life!


Canada 123 – Paul Covello

Paul Covello, the beloved author of Canada ABC, is back with brilliantly bold artwork, this time counting up the things Canada loves best!


Here We Are – Oliver Jeffers

The exquisite and thought-provoking new book from the multi award-winning, internationally best-selling picture book creator of Lost and Found, Oliver Jeffers.

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The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors – Drew Daywalt

From bestselling creators Drew Daywalt and Adam Rex comes a laugh-out-loud funny picture book about the legend (AKA wholly invented backstory) of the classic childhood game Rock, Paper, Scissors.


5-Minute Hockey Stories  Meg Braithwaite

From building an ice rink in your living room, to scoring a golden goal, to the thrill of your first hockey game, 5-Minute Hockey Stories is packed with a dozen true stories of Canada’s game. Each story is the perfect length for reading aloud in five minutes—ideal for young fans and future stars!

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Invisible Emmie – Terri Libenson

This is the story of two totally different middle school girls—quiet, shy, artistic Emmie and popular, outgoing, athletic Katie—and how their lives unexpectedly intersect one day, when an embarrassing note falls into the wrong hands… All the crushes, humiliations, boredom, and drama of middle school are compressed into one surprising day in this extraordinary debut graphic novel!

y648 (3)

Bad Dad – David Walliams

A father and son take on the villainous Mr Big in David Walliams newest hit, Bad Dad! This riches-to-rags story will have you on the edge of your seat and howling with laughter!

y648 (4)

Timeless #1: Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic – Armand Baltazar

Introducing a world with the imaginative power of Star Wars and Avatar, author-artist Armand Baltazar presents the first book in the Timeless series, an epic fantasy adventure that sends Diego through a world where past, present, and future coexist.

y648 (5)

Heartwood Hotel #1: A True Home  Kallie George

Downton Abbey meets The Tale of Peter Rabbit in this heartwarming chapter book about a mouse discovering where she belongs. This is a delightfully enticing story of friendship, courage and community.


The Girl Who Saved Christmas – Matt Haig

If magic has a beginning, can it also have an end? When Amelia wants a wish to come true she knows just the man to ask—Father Christmas. But the magic she wants to believe in is starting to fade, and Father Christmas has things other than impossible wishes to worry about: upset elves, reindeer dropping out of the sky, angry trolls—and the chance that Christmas might be cancelled.. It’s up to Amelia to help save the day.


The Lotterys Plus One – Emma Donoghue

Sumac Lottery is nine years old and the self-proclaimed “good girl” of her (VERY) large, (EXTREMELY) unruly family. And what a family the Lotterys are: four parents, children both adopted and biological, and a menagerie of pets, all living and learning together in a sprawling house called Camelottery.

What was your favourite children’s or middle-grade book you read this year? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @SavvyReader


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