This Toronto Life Article is Becoming a Book

In 2017, Toronto Life published  “The Good Wife,” in which Samra Zafar shared details of the arranged marriage that forced her to move from the United Arab Emirates to Canada, and into a world of abuse and isolation. It is a raw, emotional, and inspiring story that everyone needs to read.

After years of emotional and physical abuse, Samra left her husband with her two young daughters and put herself through university. She is now an account manager at RBC, as well as an international speaker, human rights activist, and scholar. She also founded Brave Beginnings, a non-profit organization to support abuse survivors as they start to build a new life.

Image: Toronto Life

The story was viewed by people all over the world, and Samra received hundreds of messages from women trapped in similar situations. “The Good Wife” became the most-read article on in 2017.

Samra is incredibly well-spoken, and has become a mentor and inspiration to countless people around the world. She is currently working on writing a book about her life, which will provide an intimate look at her journey. A Good Wife will publish early next year, and will teach others about the importance of finding strength in the face of oppression.

If you haven’t read it yet, take the time to read The Good Wife now, and find out more about Samra Zafar’s upcoming book here.



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