50 Book Pledge Featured Read: Ginny Moon

Buckle up, Savvy Readers, because I’ve got your next favourite book!

I have been waiting to tell you about Ginny Moon for ~months~!  Benjamin Ludwig’s debut novel has just soared into my Top 5 All-Time Favourites.  I’ve read it twice now, and you can bet I’ll be reading it again.  I promised myself I’d keep this review short and sweet, but Ginny is just TOO DARN GOOD for that.

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Ginny is a 14-year-old girl with autism who has recently been adopted by Maura and Brian, her Forever Parents.  After the police took her away from her abusive birth mother, Gloria, Ginny was bounced back and forth from countless foster homes.  Now, happy with her Forever Parents, Ginny can finally stay put… Or not.

In the five years since she was separated from her Gloria, Ginny has been focused on one thing:  her Baby Doll.  She’s very concerned about its well-being, and while everyone else brushes it off, Ginny obsesses over it.  She’s willing to do just about anything to find her Baby Doll, even if it means getting herself kidnapped.

I don’t care about being safe. I don’t care if Gloria hurts me or Donald gets his gun. I have to find out what happened to my Baby Doll after the police took me away. I need to know if anyone found it in the suitcase or if I’m too late.


Ginny finds a way to contact Gloria and plans to reunite with her.  She knows that Gloria is completely unreliable, but she needs to find her Baby Doll.  After a few failed meeting attempts and visits from the police, Ginny’s Forever Parents are finding her to be “just too much.”  They take her to visit Saint Genevieve’s Home for Girls to see if maybe she would like to live there.  But Ginny knows that it’s really “Saint Genevieve’s Home for Girls Who Aren’t Safe.”  She knows that her Forever Parents don’t want her anymore, and that makes her miss her Baby Doll even more.

Ginny Moon is told in Ginny’s unique, honest, heartbreaking voice.  Ginny is smart, hilarious, and has the purest, most beautiful heart.  I felt like I fully understood what she was going through and how hard it was for her to ask for help.  She was treated so poorly and unfairly by so many people, when all she needed was someone to listen to her.  So many times during this book, I wanted to scream at her Forever Parents and her teachers.  I love Ginny so, so much, and I know you will too.  This book will stay with me forever.


Have you read Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig?  What was your take on her little rendezvous with Gloria?  Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @SavvyReader.

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